Course Repeat

Students must register and pay tuition and any applicable fees when repeating a class. All course attempts and grades appear on the student transcript, including grades not calculated in the GPA. A student’s Kent State GPA will not be affected by repeating courses at another institution.

The university is not obligated to offer courses so that students can repeat them. If students plan to repeat a course, they are to work with their advisor to identify resources for academic support. Repeating courses could affect students’ financial aid, scholarships or other assistance. Students should consult the appropriate office prior to registration.

Students may repeat courses taken at Kent State University subject to the following provisions:

Undergraduate Courses

Students may repeat undergraduate courses (00000-40000 levels) no more than two times (a maximum of three attempts per course). The university will use only the highest grade and the credit hours associated with that highest grade in all attempts of the same course in the calculation of the overall undergraduate GPA, program GPA, credit hour totals and requirements for students’ program.

Additional conditions for the repeating of undergraduate courses:

  • After the third attempt (second repeat), the student is restricted from registering for the course again.
  • Withdrawal from a course is counted as an attempt.
  • Courses designated as “repeatable for credit” (see section below) are exempt from the three-attempt limit.
  • Recalculation of the student’s GPA occurs automatically at the end of the semester in which the student completes the repeated course.
  • All grades for all attempts at a course are used in the GPA calculation for determining institutional honors (e.g., summa cum laude) and class standing (e.g., dean’s list). These GPA calculations are independent of the overall GPA as it appears on the student transcript.
  • All grades for all attempts may be counted for admission to or progression in specific programs, for admission to graduate programs or for admission to other institutions.

This policy is in effect for all undergraduate courses repeated in or after the fall 2019 semester.

Graduate Courses

Students may repeat graduate courses (50000-80000 levels), and the university will use all grades (passed and failed) in the calculation of the overall graduate GPA. Earned credit for a course applies only once toward meeting program requirements and credit hour totals.

Repeatable-for-Credit Courses

Some undergraduate and graduate courses are identified as “repeatable for credit” in the course description. Typically, a repeatable-for-credit course offers a different instructional experience and learning outcomes each time students take the course (e.g., internship, special topics, applied music). For those courses, students earn credit for each successful attempt, and the university uses all grades (passed and failed) for all attempts in the calculation of the GPA.

Students repeating a repeatable-for-credit course should consult the University Catalog and their advisor because some academic programs have a limit on the total number of credit hours that may be applied for these types of courses.