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Susan Augustine (saugusti) (Wed, 02 Dec 2020 17:47:44 GMT): approved by TLC SCC: December 02, 2020
Susan Augustine (saugusti) (Fri, 18 Dec 2020 16:45:44 GMT): attached notification documentation from Educational Psychology, per Elena Novak
Anna Wymer (awymer) (Fri, 18 Dec 2020 17:20:21 GMT): Approved by acclamation at the 12/18/20 EHHS Curriculum Committee Meeting
Catherine Zingrone (czingron) (Wed, 23 Dec 2020 14:59:21 GMT): Approved at CCI CCC meeting on 12.18.20.
Jennifer Kellogg (jkellog7) (Sun, 21 Mar 2021 03:17:46 GMT): Approved by EPC: 25 Jan 2021
Dual Degree
Fall 2021
School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies
College of Education Health and Human Services
Dual Degree: MED Educational Technology/MLIS School Library Media K-12 (DDSL)
The recommended curriculum revisions in the Dual Degree reflect updated ETEC MED degree requirements:

• Remove SPED 63200 INTRODUCTION TO EXCEPTIONALITIES from Major Requirements because it is being inactivated, and replace it with SPED 53050 CHARACTERISTICS OF STUDENTS WITH MILD/MODERATE INTERVENTION NEEDS because it provides descriptions of the characteristics of students with the most common exceptionalities and most likely to participate in time in the library without special education support. The course also addresses intervention to a degree, which would also be helpful. Finally, the course is offered every semester including summer and is online to make it easily accessible to students.

• EPSY 65524 LEARNING THEORIES was part of an old Instructional Technology (ITEC) program of study. ETEC 57427 TECHNOLOGY AND LEARNING replaced this course in the new ETEC curriculum and subsequently is replacing EPSY 65524 Learning Theories in the Dual Degree.

• ETEC 57400 TRENDS IN EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY is a required course in the ETEC MED and is being moved from an elective to a requirement in the Dual Degree.

• In order to maintain the total number of credit hours in the program, the number of electives is being reduced from 9 to 6.

• Additional ETEC courses that meet the school library/media specialist initial licensure requirements are being added to the existing Dual Degree electives:
The Educational Technology (ETEC) master’s program started offering a new curriculum in Fall 2018. However, these new requirements are not reflected in the Dual Degree MED Educational Technology/MLIS School Library Media K-12 (DDSL).
This revision should be applied to catalog copy for both the M.Ed. Educational Technology major in the College of Education, Health and Human Services and the M.L.I.S. School Library Media K-12 major in the College of Communication and Information. See marked-up catalog changes (attached).
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College of Communication and Information
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