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Jennifer Kellogg (jkellog7) (Fri, 19 Mar 2021 00:39:23 GMT): Approved by EPC: 25 Jan 2021
Dual Degree
Fall 2021
College of Nursing
College of Nursing
Dual Degree MSN/MBA
Catalog modifications. Current inconsistencies with the 2020-21 University catalog:
• Missing the “OR” for NURS 60010 Advanced Nursing Informatics (3 cr) OR MIS 64042 Global Technology Management (2 cr);
• MIS 64370 Organizational Analysis and Design – 3 cr is no longer required/offered;
• MIS 68051 is only required for students without 2 years of full-time work experience post-bachelors degree;
• Business elective is listed as 3 credits instead of 6 credits;
• Credits for some courses are not specified but a range of credits is listed for others;
• Minimum credits are 56 rather than 58.
To update the university catalog to reflect previously made changes and to align with changes from the College of Business Administration.
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College of Business Administration
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