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Viewing: Rename the Department of Pan-African Studies to the Department of Africana Studies

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Aimee Bell (dvan) (Tue, 05 Jan 2021 12:35:46 GMT): attached Research document for dept.
Aimee Bell (dvan) (Thu, 11 Mar 2021 22:31:20 GMT): Faculty Senate meeting 2/8/2021
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Academic Administrative Structure
Rename the Department of Pan-African Studies to the Department of Africana Studies
Fall 2021
Department Level
Department of Pan-African Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
Rename the Department of Pan-African Studies to the Department of Africana Studies.
We would like to rename the department, changing the name from the Department of Pan-African Studies to the Department of Africana Studies.The intent is to update the label of the department to reflect changes in the field.
No unit will be negatively impacted in changing the name of the department.

Proposal Summary for a Policy:


Proposal Summary to Establish or Revise an Academic Administrative Structure

The proposed name change will not impact the quality of the faculty, students and programs. We anticipate the name change will increase our current student numbers as well as signal a more updated image of the department.
This change aligns with the mission and strategic directions of the college and the university.
The department name change is an advantage over the current name in that it reflects current labels used in the field, thus bringing the department more in line with disciplinary changes. Additionally, a re-branding of the department will make the department more accessible to prospective students who are more familiar with the proposed label.
The unit already exists as an undergraduate program and has a historic and cultural significance both for the Kent State community as well as the surrounding community. Some of our core courses (Black Experience I and Black Experience II) fill a global diversity requirement and are required by other departments.
The unit assists the university with education for positive change. Additionally, graduates of the program are highly sought after in the area of diversity, training and public policy.
There is no duplication of our program within the University. A few Ohio universities have undergraduate programs in Black Studies. None offer an interdisciplinary program such as Kent State which has the Center for Pan-African Culture which houses the African Community Theatre and the Uumbaji Gallery. Additionally, the department also has an institute which is the research arm of the department, the Institute of African American Affairs.
We have been able to leverage existing resources from tuition dollars to maintain our program.
This request does not involve changes to the administrate structure. The department includes the Chair, and other administrators reporting to the Chair include the Assistant Chair, Director for the Center of Pan-African Culture, the Director for the African Community Theatre and the Director for the Institute of African American Affairs.
There are no space or capital budget needs associated with the proposed changes.
The proposed change will not impact our operating budget.
This is a one-time change which will impact student recruitment. Evaluation procedures will continue to include our yearly academic assessment reports.
We would like to implement the change in August 2021.
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