Washington Program in National Issues

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Political Science
302 Bowman Hall
Kent Campus


The Washington Program in National Issues was established in 1973 through the initiative of Washington-based alumni who sought to provide Kent State University undergraduates with a unique living and learning experience in the nation’s capital. Open to junior and senior students from all academic disciplines, the full 15-week spring semester program is administered through the Department of Political Science.

The purpose of the program is to accomplish the following:

  • Facilitate learning about the U.S. political system through briefings with government officials and other working professionals in Washington, DC
  • Develop a personal understanding of the demands and rewards of the professional work world through an internship experience
  • Encourage initiative through individualized research, which may involve resources at the Library of Congress, among other sites

Students participate in internships—in places such as Capitol Hill, in a governmental agency or with an interest group—and attend seminars. The program requires a semester-long residence in the Washington, DC, area. Alumni in the nation's capital continue to support the program by introducing students to the culture and serving as consultants and mentors.