Thesis for Master's Degree

The writing of an acceptable thesis is mandatory in certain master’s degree programs. The thesis topic must be approved by the department and filed with the college dean no later than the semester preceding that in which the candidate expects to receive the degree. The thesis topic should be one that will further the student’s educational development by developing research or other skills that will help the student keep abreast of the field and enable the student to pursue independent work. The thesis topic is formulated by the student in consultation with the advisor and submitted to the department for approval according to normal departmental procedures.

The thesis must be completed and in the hands of the examining committee no later than eight weeks before commencement. Some departments may demand an earlier deadline. After the thesis has been accepted by the examining committee and after the candidate has passed the oral examination (if required by the major department).

In some departments, an oral examination, open to the university community, may be required of candidates writing a thesis. When the thesis has been accepted by a student’s advisor, the department will arrange for the oral examination. The college dean will be kept informed of the time and place of the examination and the composition of the examining committee. The results of the examination will be sent to the college dean for approval. This examination is directed primarily toward the thesis but may contain other topics with which the committee feels the candidate should be familiar. The committee usually consists of three to five graduate faculty members, the majority of whom must be associated with the student’s program.

The master’s candidates submit their thesis in electronic form. Information on the process may be found on the University Libraries electronic thesis or dissertation (ETD) website. Theses are submitted electronically through the OhioLINK ETD Center, where they are made publicly available. Individual units may still require submission of a paper copy for their archives. It is the responsibility of the master’s student to fulfill this requirement.

Each student writing a thesis is required to register continuously for Thesis I (6xx99) for a total of 6 credit hours. A student who has completed the required 6 credit hours of Thesis I is expected thereafter to register continuously for Thesis II (6xx99) each semester, including summer, until all degree requirements are met. No more than 6 credit hours of Thesis I credit may be counted toward completion of degree requirements.

Student should make certain that their topic has been approved and must register for thesis writing no later than the last semester they are in residence. Grades of S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory) are given.