Executive Officers and Administration

  • Todd A. Diacon, President
  • Melody J. Tankersley, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
  • Mark M. Polatajko, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Eboni J. Pringle, Senior Vice President for Student Life (Interim)
  • Sean M. Broghammer, Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Douglas L. Delahanty, Vice President for Research and Economic Development
  • Amoaba Gooden, Vice President for People, Culture and Belonging
  • Margaret A. Shadduck, Vice President for Regional Campuses
  • Randale L. Richmond, Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • John M. Rathje, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
  • Charlene K. Reed, Vice President and University Secretary
  • Stephen P. Ward, Vice President for University Communications and Marketing
  • Valoree S. Vargo, Vice President for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement
  • Willis Walker, Vice President for General Counsel
  • Nicholas M. Gattozzi III, Executive Director of Government and Community Relations

Office of the Provost

  • Melody J. Tankersley, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
  • Marcello Fantoni, Vice President for Global Education
  • Margaret A. Shadduck, Vice President for Regional Campuses
  • Susan R. Perry, Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
  • Scott C. Sheridan, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs (Interim)
  • Kevin West, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Denise S. Bartell, Senior Associate Vice President, Regional Campus System Faculty and Student Success
  • Dana M. Lawless-Andric, Senior Associate Vice President for University Outreach and Engagement
  • Jennifer McDonough, Senior Associate Vice President for Strategy Management
  • Valerie L. Kelly, Associate Vice President for Kent State Online
  • Therese E. Tillett, Associate Vice President for Curriculum Planning and Administration

Academic Administration

Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Deborah F. Spake, Dean
  • Emmanuel Dechenaux, Associate Dean, Administration
  • Christopher Groening, Associate Dean, Graduate and Online Education
  • Elizabeth A. Sinclair, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Assessment

Department Chairs

  • Department of Accounting: Wei Li
  • Department of Economics: Michael A. Ellis
  • Department of Finance: Steven A. Dennis
  • Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics: Jose A. Benitez
  • Department of Management: Steven A. Dennis (Interim)
  • Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship: Robert D. Jewell (Interim)

College of Aeronautics and Engineering

  • Christina L. Bloebaum, Dean
  • Joycelyn S. Harrison, Associate Dean, Research and Faculty Affairs
  • Maureen R. McFarland, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
  • Brian S. Neff, Assistant Dean, Flight and Operations

College of Applied and Technical Studies

  • Margaret A. Shadduck, Dean
  • Susan Emens, Associate Dean

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

  • Mark S. Mistur, Dean
  • Sharon Wohl, Associate Dean
  • Amanda N. Colucci, Assistant Dean

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Mandy J. Munro-Stasiuk, Dean
  • Eric M. Mintz, Senior Associate Dean, Budget and Faculty Affairs
  • Keiran J. Dunne, Associate Dean, Graduate Affairs
  • Kristin Stasiowski, Associate Dean, International Programs and Education Abroad
  • Deirdre M. Warren, Associate Dean, Curriculum and Undergraduate Education

Department Chairs and School Directors

  • Department of Africana Studies: Mwatabu S. Okantah
  • Department of Anthropology: Mary Ann Raghanti
  • Department of Biological Sciences: Heather K. Caldwell
  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Christopher J. Fenk
  • Department of Computer Science: Javed I. Khan
  • Department of Earth Sciences: Joseph D. Ortiz
  • Department of English: Robert D. Sturr
  • Department of Geography: Sarah L. Smiley (Interim)
  • Department of History: Mary Ann Heiss
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences: Nathan P. Ritchey
  • Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies: Patrick L. Gallagher (Interim)
  • Department of Philosophy: Michael B. Byron
  • Department of Physics: James T. Gleeson
  • Department of Political Science: Anthony D. Molina
  • Department of Psychological Sciences: Karin G. Coifman
  • Department of Sociology and Criminology: Kristen A. Marcussen (Interim)
  • School of Biomedical Science: John D. Johnson
  • School of Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities: Julie M. Mazzei
  • School of Peace and Conflict Studies: Neil Cooper

College of Communication and Information

  • Amy L. Reynolds, Dean
  • Miriam L. Matteson, Associate Dean
  • Matthew M. Rollyson, Assistant Dean

School Directors

  • School of Communication Studies: Paul Haridakis
  • School of Emerging Media and Technology: Michael Beam
  • School of Information: Sarah M. Harper
  • School of Media and Journalism: Emily T. Metzgar
  • School of Visual Communication Design: Daniel P. Alenquer

College of Education, Health and Human Services

  • James C. Hannon, Dean
  • Alicia R. Crowe, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education and Student Services
  • Stephen A. Mitchell, Associate Dean, Administrative Affairs and Graduate Education
  • Michael S. Bell, Assistant Dean, Assessment and Accreditation
  • Kathy M. Zarges, Assistant Dean, Advising, Student Success and Licensure

School Directors

  • School of Foundations Leadership and Administration: Mark R. Lyberger
  • School of Health Sciences: Ellen L. Glickman
  • School of Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences: Frank J. Sansosti
  • School of Teaching Learning and Curriculum Studies: George Kamberelis

College of Nursing

  • Versie Johnson-Mallard, Dean
  • Christine Kauth, Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
  • Tracey M. Motter, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
  • Curtis J. Good, Assistant Dean, Operations and Student Services

College of Podiatric Medicine

  • Allan M. Boike, Dean
  • Bryan D. Caldwell, Senior Associate Dean
  • Mark A. Hardy, Assistant Dean, Clinical Education and Research

College of Public Health

  • Sonia A. Alemagno, Dean
  • Jeffrey S. Hallam, Senior Associate Dean, Research, Practice and Global Affairs
  • Melissa Zullo, Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
  • Jennifer Miller, Assistant Dean, Student and Accreditation Services

College of the Arts

  • Diane H. Petrella, Dean
  • Kim H. Hahn, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs
  • Wendy K. Matthews, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Assessment

School Directors

  • School of Art: Jillian L. Sokso
  • School of Fashion Design and Merchandising: Mourad Krifa
  • School of Music: Sarah J. Labovitz
  • School of Theatre and Dance: Albert A. Hardin

Graduate College

  • Christa J. Porter, Dean (Interim)

Honors College

  • Alison J. Smith, Dean
  • Frank S. Congin, Assistant Dean

University College

  • Elizabeth E. Piatt, Dean (Interim)
  • John G. Jewell, Associate Dean, Academic Student Support Services

University Libraries

  • Kenneth J. Burhanna, Dean
  • Kara L. Robinson, Associate Dean, Equity, Faculty Affairs and Talent Management
  • Mike Collura, Assistant Dean, Technology and Resource Innovation
  • Beate Gersch, Assistant Dean, Student and Research Success

Regional Campuses

Ashtabula Campus

  • R. William Ayres IV, Dean and Chief Administrative Officer (Interim)
  • Kevin Deemer, Assistant Dean

East Liverpool Campus

  • Bradley A. Bielski, Dean and Chief Administrative Officer (Interim)
  • Susan Rossi, Assistant Dean

Geauga Campus and Twinsburg Academic Center

  • Angela S. Spalsbury, Dean and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Robin Deaver, Assistant Dean

Salem Campus

  • Bradley A. Bielski, Dean and Chief Administrative Officer (Interim)
  • Susan Rossi, Assistant Dean

Stark Campus

  • Denise A. Seachrist, Dean and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Robert D. Sturr, Assistant Dean

Trumbull Campus

  • R. William Ayres IV, Dean and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Adil M. Wadia, Assistant Dean

Tuscarawas Campus

  • Bradley A. Bielski, Dean and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Stephen Minnick, Assistant Dean