Admission as a non-degree student enables students to take a limited number of courses for credit (either full time or part time). Students in this status are not seeking a degree, but may wish to earn a certificate or take courses for job achievement, personal enrichment, intellectual curiosity or other personal reasons. Students cannot earn a degree in the non-degree status.

Application for graduate non-degree student status should be made through the Office of Admissions. Students who plan to pursue a graduate certificate program must apply as a non-degree student, unless they are already in a concurrent degree program. Admission is based on the same criteria detailed in the Admission of Graduate Students policy in the University Catalog.

Graduate non-degree students must register for coursework within one year after the admission date. Admission of students who do not register within one year will be inactivated. Reapplication must be made if students desire to register for coursework at this time. Once registered, graduate non-degree students may continue to take courses for six years. Six years after the first registration, non-degree students will be inactivated and must reapply for admission if continued registration in graduate coursework at Kent State University is desired. Anyone who has been denied admission to graduate studies, or is under dismissal from the university, is not eligible for graduate non-degree student status.

Graduate non-degree students who wish to pursue a degree must apply for admission to the degree program. A maximum of 12 semester credit hours taken as a non-degree student may be petitioned to satisfy requirements of a degree program. A petition for transfer of credit must receive approval of the department or school and the college dean. Note that some departments and schools will not accept any credit hours for transfer.

Non-degree students must meet all prerequisites for courses (or obtain permission of the instructor). In addition, graduate non-degree students must obtain approval from the corresponding graduate program coordinator to register for graduate courses. Students may not transfer in credit earned at another university while in non-degree status.

All fees, deadlines and performance standards for degree students apply to non-degree students.