International students whose English proficiency is below the university minimum but are otherwise admissible may be admitted to Kent State's International Pathway Program. To be eligible, applicants must meet one of following English proficiency requirements based on degree level:

Undergraduate Degree Level

  • TOEFL 54
  • IELTS 5.0
  • Duolingo English 75
  • Completion of ESL Center Level 6

Graduate Degree Level

  • TOEFL 61
  • IELTS 5.5
  • Duolingo English 90
  • Completion of ESL Center Level 8

In addition to English proficiency, international pathway applicants must meet all other admission requirements outlined in this section of the University Catalog depending on their level, student type and program. Refer to the Admission Section for more information on criteria for admission and application procedures, including deadlines.