The College Board Advanced Placement (AP) program awards college credit based on college-level high school courses and tests administered through the high schools. The State of Ohio, working through the University System of Ohio, has initiated policies to facilitate the ease of transition from high school to college as well as between and among Ohio’s public colleges and universities.

Beginning in fall 2009:

  • Students obtaining an AP exam score of 3 or above will be awarded the aligned course(s) and credits for the AP exam area(s) successfully completed.
  • General education courses and credits received will be applied towards graduation and will satisfy a general education requirement (Kent Core) if the course to which the AP area is equivalent fulfills a requirement.
  • If an equivalent course is not available for the AP exam area completed, elective or area credit will be awarded in the appropriate academic discipline and will be applied towards graduation where such elective credit options exist within the academic major.
  • Additional courses or credits may be available when a score of 4 or 5 is obtained. Award of credit for higher score values varies depending on the academic discipline.
  • In academic disciplines containing highly dependent sequences (e.g., sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics), students are strongly advised to confer with their advisor to ensure they have the appropriate foundation to be successful in advanced coursework within the sequence.

Kent State will not accept AP credit from a high school or out-of-state transcript. Students must submit either an official score report from the College Board or, upon special request, a transcript from an Ohio college or university with the AP credit displayed. Visit the Credit Transfer Office's AP website for more information on scores and credits earned.