Because admission to a graduate degree program involves admission to both the program and the university, a change in program of study (degree, major, concentration or catalog year) requires approval. Admission to a new program is not automatic.

A graduate assistantship normally does not transfer with students who are approved for admission into a different graduate program. Doctoral candidacy status does not transfer to a new graduate  program. International students must consult with the Office of Global Education to determine how a change of program affects their visa status.


Students interested in changing their program of study should first contact the graduate coordinator of the proposed program to gain a clear understanding of the program’s requirements. Admission requirements, deadlines and required application materials vary by graduate program, and it is the student’s responsibility to adhere to the requirements and deadlines.

Students must contact the graduate coordinator of the proposed program to determine whether they submit either a Change in Program of Study form or a new application. The determination of whether a form or application should be submitted is based on the proposed program’s judgment about the amount, and availability, of application materials needed by the program in order to make an informed admission decision. More significant program changes (e.g., change to a major within a different department/school) likely will require a new application, while less significant changes (e.g., change to another concentration within the same major in the same department/school) likely will require completion of the Change in Program of Study form.

In some cases, the proposed program will accept application materials that had been submitted to the student’s original graduate program. In other cases, new materials may be required. If the proposed program will accept materials that were submitted along with the student’s application to the current program, the student must contact the Division of Graduate Studies to request that the materials be added to the new application.

The proposed program will review the application/form and all materials according to established procedures. Applicants who do not meet the minimum university and/or program requirements may be considered for conditional admission. If the student is admitted into the program, the program will determine how much of the student’s previously completed work may be applied toward the new graduate degree, in accordance with the university’s transfer of credit policy.