College Credit Plus is offered through the University College for middle/high school students (grades 7-12) who want to take Kent State courses at any Kent State campus, online, hybrid in-class/online or at their middle/high school. The course is taught by either a Kent State faculty member or a Kent State-qualified secondary instructor.

A College Credit Plus course offered in middle/high schools through the university must duplicate the course offered by Kent State to matriculated students. Courses must be approved for College Credit Plus status, and credit awarded must be deemed acceptable for transfer by faculty of the appropriate Kent State academic department/school.

Students enrolled in College Credit Plus courses must adhere to the deadline dates specified by Kent State for registration, drop, withdrawal and refund. Kent State may give priority to matriculated students for course registration over College Credit Plus students. However, once a College Credit Plus student has been registered into a course, Kent State will not displace that student for another student.

Kent State will provide students full access to Kent State libraries and electronic databases, as appropriate, and general academic support services, including academic advising, regardless of whether the course is taken in person, online or at a middle/high school.

Kent State is responsible for maintaining a College Credit Plus student’s college transcript. Courses will be identified on the Kent State transcript as a college-level course. The middle/high school is responsible for maintaining the student’s middle/high school transcript. The evaluation of courses when transferring to a college or university other than Kent State is the purview of that college or university.

College Credit Plus students are limited to a maximum of 30 credit hours per academic year and a maximum of 120 credit hours overall prior to high school graduation. Students who wish to continue at Kent State University after high school graduation should apply for admission as new freshman during the fall of their senior year.

For more information, please visit Kent State's College Credit Plus website.