Kent State University regional campuses offer two courses to help students develop reading strategies to successfully complete college-level coursework — READ 00003 and READ 00006. A student placed into READ 00003 must take READ 00006 the following term. Both courses require a minimum C grade. Students who have taken the Accuplacer Classic or Next Generation at another institution within two years of their initial start date may opt to transfer that score to Kent State University.

Assessment Score Placement
ACT Reading 0-13 READ 00003
ACT Reading 14-19 READ 00006
ACT Reading 20+ No Course
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 200-380 READ 00003
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 390-470 READ 00006
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 480+ No Course
Accuplacer Classic Reading 0-50 READ 00003
Accuplacer Classic Reading 51-79 READ 00006
Accuplacer Classic Reading 80-120 No Course
Accuplacer Next Generation Reading 200-221 READ 00003
Accuplacer Next Generation Reading 222-249 READ 00006
Accuplacer Next Generation Reading 250-300 No Course
GED Reasoning Through Language Arts College Ready 165+ * No Course
Final high school GPA 0.00-1.59 READ 00003
Final high school GPA 1.6-2.79 READ 00006
Final high school GPA 2.8+ No course

Kent State University awards college credit for GED 175+ scores.