Course withdrawal indicates that a student intends to stop attending any or all classes for the current term. Course withdrawal is permitted through the end (11:59 p.m.) of the 70th calendar day the fall or spring semester (prorated deadline for summer or flexibly scheduled courses). The spring semester course withdrawal deadline may be adjusted for spring break. After that time, students are considered to be committed to all remaining courses and must complete them.

Students will use FlashLine to withdraw from one or more courses by the deadline. If students are unable to complete the term because of extreme circumstances that first occur after the deadline, they should consult their college or campus dean’s office. Any course withdrawal(s) processed on or after the 15th calendar day of the fall or spring semester (or prorated deadline for summer or flexibly scheduled courses) will appear on the students’ academic record with the Withdrawal (W) administrative mark. For more information on the W mark, refer to Grading Policies and Procedures in the University Catalog. Any applicable tuition credit (policy published on the Office of the Bursar website) is determined by the date the transaction is processed on FlashLine.

International students on J1 and F1 visas are required to contact the Office of Global Education if a course withdrawal causes them to be less than full time.

Graduate students who withdraw from all courses with an intention to return at a later date may be eligible for a leave of absence (refer to Leave of Absence for Graduate Students policy in the University Catalog).

Students in the College of Podiatric Medicine who fail to complete registration requirements by the deadline will not be enrolled in classes for the following academic year and may be withdrawn from the college. These students may also be subject to a professionalism deficiency evaluation. Podiatric Medicine Students who request withdrawal after seven weeks of course instruction will receive on their academic record the administrative mark WP or WF if passing or failing, respectively, for each withdrawn course. Refer to the college policies in the College of Podiatric Medicine section of the University Catalog for more information on the procedures for withdrawal.

Course withdrawal does not negate a student’s financial obligation, and students will be held responsible for all balances due to the university.