”Developmental” means a course that is below college level and cannot be applied toward a certificate or degree program. At Kent State, course numbers that begin with a "0" (e.g., MATH 00022) are designated as developmental and may be prescribed or recommended through placement testing. Although these courses will count toward the course load for financial aid and other purposes, credit hours earned in these courses will be subtracted from the students’ total before graduation. None of these courses may be taken pass/fail.

Students placed into any developmental course must continuously enroll in the course(s) each semester until they successfully complete the course or sequence of courses. Students who delay the start of their developmental mathematics coursework more than one semester must be reassessed for placement (a fee may be charged). Students who are placed into a developmental mathematics course and whose program has a specific mathematics requirement must continuously enroll in the course(s) each semester, beginning with their first semester at Kent State, until they successfully complete their first non-developmental mathematics requirement.