The student will ordinarily observe the following procedure in order to be eligible for the doctoral degree:

  • Indicate the intention to meet specifications of the departments concerned by applying for admission. The college or independent school and the department together will determine acceptability.
  • Fulfill the credit requirements of the department in which the major work is done.
  • Fulfill the residence requirements (if any).
  • Satisfy the language or research tool requirements of the department.
  • Pass the candidacy (comprehensive) examination in the field of the major subject.
  • Carry out a suitable scholarly research or creative program.
  • Write a dissertation that shows high attainment and creativity.
  • Successfully defend the findings of the dissertation in public before a committee of the graduate faculty.
  • Have registered for a minimum of 90 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree, or 60 credit hours beyond the master’s degree (registration for thesis, dissertation and research may be included in this total).

For eligibility for the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree, please refer to the college policies in the College of Podiatric Medicine section of this Catalog.