Graduate students shall enroll for at least one term each year (three consecutive terms, including summer as one term) to maintain status as a degree-seeking student. Meeting this minimum enrollment requirement does not guarantee the student will meet the minimum requirements of other programs, offices or agencies.

Students not meeting the minimum enrollment requirement for maintaining status as a degree-seeking graduate student will be considered as having voluntarily withdrawn from the university. After three consecutive terms of non-enrollment, students will be inactivated as a degree-seeking student.

Students who withdrew and wish to have their graduate standing re-instated must follow the same admission procedures as those required of new applicants, including submission of a non-refundable application fee and application materials. Acceptance back into a graduate program is not guaranteed even if the student departed in good standing. Students who apply and are admitted will be re-instated under the catalog-in-force at the time of admission. The program determines how much of the previously completed work may be applied toward the graduate degree program.

Students on an approved leave of absence may return to their program of study by completing the Application for Graduate Re-Enrollment form found on the Graduate Studies website.