With the exception of the IN, IP and NR marks, once grades or marks are submitted, they are final and will not be changed except in cases of administrative error. Grades will not be changed by allowing the students to do additional work (e.g., retaking exams; redoing papers; submitting extra credit papers, reports) or by using criteria other than those applied to all students in the class.

In the event of a possible administrative error, the students must contact the instructor as soon as possible following the awarding of the grade. If the instructor is not available, the department/school chair/director should be contacted.

Grade appeals for reasons other than administrative error must follow established policy and procedures for student academic complaints, see policies 4-02.3 for Kent Campus and 8-01.4 for regional campuses in the University Policy Register.

Approved grade change requests for reasons other than removal of the IN, IP and NR marks must be submitted no later than the end of three consecutive terms after the grade was submitted or before the student’s degree is posted officially to the permanent academic record, whichever comes first.1 No challenge will be considered or adjustment made after that period. Deadline for removing the IN mark is noted in the Administrative Marks section above.