Undergraduate students currently enrolled in a degree or certificate program who are placed into an advanced course through assessment or departmental review may earn retroactive credit for designated lower level course(s) in that subject. The advanced courses approved for earning retroactive credits are listed below.

To apply for retroactive credit, students must submit an application for retroactive credits to the Office of the University Registrar.

The following stipulations apply:

  • Students must complete the advanced course at Kent State with a minimum C or S (Satisfactory) grade to be eligible for retroactive credit. Courses taken for the pass/fail grade or audit mark will not be accepted for retroactive credit.
  • Students who withdraw from or fail to meet the minimum C or S grade in the advanced course may retake the course and apply for retroactive credit once the minimum C or S grade is achieved and posted.
  • Course credits earned through the retroactive policy are not assigned a letter (A-F) grade. The mark CR will be posted to a student’s transcript for the enrolled term the student applied for the retroactive credit.
  • Retroactive credit will count toward students’ class standing, total credit hours earned for graduation and hours required for graduation honors.
  • Retroactive credit will not count in students’ grade point average (GPA), quality points and residence requirement.
  • Students are not eligible for retroactive credit if they previously earned college credit for a course that is comparable to a lower level course in the same subject of the advanced course. Previous college credit includes credit earned through exam (e.g., AP, CLEP); courses transferred from other college-level institutions, tech prep programs or dual enrollment in a high school; or any other alternative credit listed in the University Catalog.
  • Not all courses that offer retroactive credits are available each semester.
  • Retroactive credit is not available for graduate courses.
  • Students may apply for retroactive credit following the posting of the grade at any time before graduation, but no later than the second Sunday of the semester in which they are graduating.

A fee per credit hour is charged for processing and posting of the credit on the student’s transcript. The Kent State Retroactive Credit Chart provides information about eligible courses and credits earned.