In certain subject fields, such as mathematical sciences, foreign languages, English composition and some of the basic natural sciences, knowledge is sequential or cumulative at the lower levels of study, and courses are structured in clear sequences. Students who already have received credit for, or established proficiency at, one level in such a sequence of courses may not receive academic credit counting toward graduation for a prior course in the sequence or for a course in a lower sequence.

Chemistry Course Sequencing Policy

Because of the similar level of course content in specific chemistry courses, credit hours toward graduation can be earned for only one course in each of the following groups:

Group Courses
Group A CHEM 10050, CHEM 10060, CHEM 10970
Group B CHEM 10050, CHEM 10061, CHEM 10971
Group C CHEM 10052, CHEM 20481, CHEM 30481
Group D CHEM 10052, CHEM 20482, CHEM 30482
Group E CHEM 10053, CHEM 10062
Group F CHEM 10053, CHEM 10063