Each Kent State University student is responsible for:

  1. Pursuing successful completion of all courses for which he or she enrolls.
  2. Meeting with an advisor to develop an academic plan. However, the final responsibility for following procedures and meeting university, college and program requirements as outlined in the University Catalog rests solely with the student.
  3. Being familiar with the current academic calendar, including, but not limited to, deadlines for course registration, course withdrawal and application for graduation.
  4. Knowing his or her academic record, including student schedule (found on the Student Printable Schedule in FlashLine) for each semester, and academic progress toward program completion.
  5. Maintaining a current and accurate mailing address, phone number and Kent State e-mail address in FlashLine, and reading and responding promptly to all communications from the university.
  6. Being familiar with and adhering to the university’s rules, regulations and policies as published in the University Catalog and University Policy Register.