Undergraduate students who have earned a minimum of 90 credit hours and minimum 3.300 overall GPA may enroll in a maximum of 12 credit hours of graduate coursework and apply these hours to the completion of the bachelor’s degree. These credit hours cannot be applied to a future graduate degree at Kent State University (nor can the student take the course again).  Enrollment in graduate coursework is limited to master’s (50000 and 60000) level courses, and students must obtain permission in advance. 

To obtain permission to enroll in the course, the student must complete a Permission for Undergraduate Students to Enroll in Graduate Courses form. The request form must be approved by the instructor of the graduate course. 

To obtain permission to apply graduate coursework to the bachelor’s degree, the student must meet with their undergraduate advisor to complete a Petition for Exception to Undergraduate Program Requirements form. The advisor may approve the request if all of the following conditions apply: 

  • Student has earned the minimum undergraduate semester credit hours and minimum GPA requirement.
  • Graduate course will provide enrichment while the student pursues the undergraduate degree.
  • Student does not exceed the maximum 12 graduate credit hours.

Another option for undergraduate students to take graduate level coursework is through a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program.  See the Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Program policy for more details.