DATA 69099     CAPSTONE PROJECT      3,6 Credit Hours

(Repeatable for credit) The course is an integrative experience that brings together all components of Master's nonthesis graduate program in an applied, hands-on real-world setting. The course is 3 credit hours when taken once in conjunction with DATA 69192. However, DATA 69192 can be substituted by additional 3 credit hours of DATA 69099 making capstone project 6 credit hours (taken twice).

Prerequisite: Graduate standing and special approval.

Schedule Type: Project or Capstone

Contact Hours: 0 lecture, 0 lab, 3-6 other

Grade Mode: Standard Letter-IP

DATA 69192     GRADUATE INTERNSHIP      1-3 Credit Hours

(Repeatable for credit) Supervised experience in the Master program in Data Science. Since this work will be outside the department, a report and a final presentation will be required.

Prerequisite: Graduate Standing and special approval.

Schedule Type: Practical Experience

Contact Hours: 0 lecture, 0 lab, 3-9 other

Grade Mode: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory-IP

DATA 69199     THESIS I      2-6 Credit Hours

(Repeatable for credit) Thesis student must register for total of 6 hours, 2 to 6 hours in a single semester distributed over several semesters if desired.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Schedule Type: Masters Thesis

Contact Hours: 2-6 other

Grade Mode: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory-IP