University Requirements

All students in a bachelor's degree program at Kent State University must complete the following university requirements for graduation.

NOTE: University requirements may be fulfilled in this program by specific course requirements. Please see Program Requirements for details.

Flashes 101 (UC 10001) 1 credit hour
Course is not required for students with 30+ transfer credits (excluding College Credit Plus) or age 21+ at time of admission.
Diversity Domestic/Global (DIVD/DIVG) 2 courses
Students must successfully complete one domestic and one global course, of which one must be from the Kent Core.
Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR) varies
Students must successfully complete one course or approved experience.
Kent Core (see table below) 36-37 credit hours
Writing-Intensive Course (WIC) 1 course
Students must earn a minimum C grade in the course.
Upper-Division Requirement 39 credit hours
Students must successfully complete 39 upper-division (numbered 30000 to 49999) credit hours to graduate.
Total Credit Hour Requirement 120 credit hours

Kent Core Requirements

Kent Core Composition (KCMP) 6
Kent Core Mathematics and Critical Reasoning (KMCR) 3
Kent Core Humanities and Fine Arts (KHUM/KFA) (min one course each) 9
Kent Core Social Sciences (KSS) (must be from two disciplines) 6
Kent Core Basic Sciences (KBS/KLAB) (must include one laboratory) 6-7
Kent Core Additional (KADL) 6
Total Credit Hours: 36-37

Destination Kent State: First Year Experience

Diversity Course Requirement

Experiential Learning Requirement

Kent Core (General Education Requirements)

Writing-Intensive Course Requirement