Students pursuing a degree at another institution may apply as transient students to Kent State. Such students must be in good standing. Transient undergraduate students must possess a minimum 2.000 GPA (on a scale of 4.000) to be eligible for admission. The transient permission form must be certified in writing by the registrar or college dean of the institution where the students are enrolled. Graduate students may obtain a Graduate Transient Certification of Good Standing form on the Division of Graduate Studies website.

Transient status is for one semester only. Students wishing to attend more than one semester must reapply. Returning transient students must be in good academic standing at Kent State. A non-refundable transient student fee will be assessed for each transient admission. An ID card may be obtained through the FLASHcard Office in the Kent Student Center.

Kent State undergraduate students wishing for take coursework at another institution should refer to the policy on Transfer of Undergraduate Credit in the University Catalog.

Transient International Visiting Graduate Students

Students who are in good standing in a graduate degree program at a university abroad may be admitted as transient students at Kent State University to take coursework that may apply to their degree program.

Steps for approval:

  1. Complete the International Transient Certification of Good Standing form, which will be processed through the Office of Global Education, 106 Van Campen Hall.
  2. Submit a request letter from the advisor at the home institution certifying that the student is in good standing.
  3. Submit a letter of acceptance from a Kent State faculty member.
  4. Receive approval by the department/school graduate program committee and by the college dean.

International transient students are allowed to work using Kent State facilities for maximum 12 months. Students may also register for research hours or for regular courses not to exceed a total of 12 credit hours over the visiting period. Tuition will be paid by students’ home institution or by a Kent State grant. Students will be identified as full time.