Kent State University’s numbering system for courses is as follows:

Range Level
00000-09999 Developmental level
10000-19999 Freshman level
20000-29999 Sophomore level
30000-39999 Junior level
40000-49999 Senior level
50000-59999 Master's level
60000-69999 Master's level
70000-79999 Doctoral level
80000-89999 Doctoral level

Developmental courses (00000-09999) are considered pre-college level. Refer to the Developmental Coursework policy in the University Catalog for more information.

Undergraduate courses (10000-49999) are generally open to students of a class rank equivalent to the levels indicated. Students participating in the Honors, Early Admissions and Advanced Placement (AP) programs, as well as those who otherwise present evidence of qualifications beyond their class rank, may enroll in the appropriate undergraduate courses with the approval of their advisors and the instructors or departments offering the courses.

Most courses are offered in a regular sequence to meet students’ programmatic needs; however, the availability of any specific course in a given semester is subject to sufficient student demand and available resources. Some courses require that a special fee be paid in addition to instructional and general fees. A listing of courses with these special fees can be found on the Bursar’s Office website.

Courses numbered 50000 and above are for graduate students only and are referred to as graduate courses. Many of the 50000-level courses are also offered at the 40000 level for undergraduates. Students who have already completed 40000-level courses may not repeat the courses at the 50000-level for credit toward a graduate degree. No more than one-half of a graduate student’s coursework may be taken in 50000-level courses.