Admission as a guest student enables students to take a limited number of courses for credit. To be admitted in this category, undergraduate students must have graduated from high school, obtained a GED certificate or achieved the equivalent; and graduate students must have earned a bachelor’s degree. Guest students typically take courses for job or personal achievement. Students pursuing a degree at another institution may apply as a guest student.

Guest students may remain in this status until no more than 18 semester hours at the undergraduate level or 6 semester hours at the graduate level of Kent State University credit have been attempted. Students cannot earn a degree or certificate in this admission status. Guest students who wish to pursue a degree or certificate program or continue after 18 semester credit hours (undergraduate) or 6 semester credit hours (graduate) have been attempted must apply for regular admission. Credit hours taken in this status may apply to a degree or certificate program with the approval of the college dean.

Guest students must meet all prerequisites for courses (or obtain permission of the instructor). Graduate guest students must also obtain approval from the corresponding program coordinator.

Individuals who have been denied admission to or are under dismissal from Kent State are not eligible for guest student status. Guest students are not eligible for financial aid.