Admission as a non-degree student enables students to take a limited number of courses for credit (either full time or part time). Students in this status are not seeking a degree, but may wish to earn a certificate or take courses for job achievement, personal enrichment, intellectual curiosity or other personal reasons. Students cannot earn a degree in the non-degree status.

Application for undergraduate non-degree status should be made through the Office of Admissions. A non-refundable application fee is required. Admission is based on the same criteria detailed in the University Catalog for undergraduate or transfer students, whichever is appropriate.

Undergraduate non-degree students may remain in this special status for one academic year or until a maximum of 45 semester credit hours is earned. Should non-degree students wish to pursue a degree, they may, prior to or upon earning 45 semester credit hours, apply to any undergraduate division of the university. Admission to a degree program, however, is based upon the admissions requirements established by each academic department or school.

Non-degree students must meet all prerequisites for courses (or obtain permission of the instructor). All fees, deadlines and performance standards for degree students apply to non-degree students.