Graduate credit earned either at Kent State University or another university before admission into a given graduate program may be transferred into that program. A maximum of 12 credit hours may be transferred into the master’s degree, the Educational Specialist degree or the doctoral degree. Some programs may have a lower maximum. Credits should be transferred at the time the student is admitted to the program, but no later than the end of the second semester of enrollment in that program.

Students who wish to have credits considered for transfer should petition the graduate program. The program can accept or reject such credits at its own discretion, regardless of the discipline or institution in which the credits were earned.

The following conditions must be satisfied in order to transfer graduate credit:

  1. The credit was earned at an accredited university (or international equivalent).
  2. The credit was not used for a previously awarded degree.
  3. The student earned, at minimum, a grade of B or satisfactory (S) in each course for which credit is to be transferred.
  4. The work fits into the student’s program of study.
  5. The credit is less than six years old for a master’s degree and less than nine years old for a doctoral degree at the time the degree is conferred.
  6. The student’s petition for transfer credit is filed with the program and college. If the credit was earned at another university, an official transcript must be filed with the petition for transfer credit.
  7. The student’s advisor, department chair/school director and college dean approve.

Transfer credits from another university count in the student’s total earned hours but do not count in the student’s graduate grade point average (GPA). Credits transferred from Kent State University count in the student’s total earned hours and in the student’s graduate GPA.

Normally, the number of credit hours transferred from a particular course cannot exceed the number of credit hours given for a Kent State course that covers equivalent material.

Students who wish to transfer credits taken outside the university after matriculating into a Kent State University program must obtain approval from their program for those transfer credits in advance of taking the outside courses.